Fund for Reparations NOW! (donation + Hoodie)


“Until we are all free, we are none of us free.”

-as quoted by Emma Lazarus, poet and author of ‘The New Collossus’ poem immortalized on the Statue Of Liberty. 

What gift can you give to a Nation who is suffering this holiday season?

The gift of Reparations, which for a limited time and a minimum donation of $250 comes with this excellent hoodie by artist/activist Phil America and a certification of your contribution. We are a nation who has forgotten itself. We are a nation with debts that need to be repaid. Your contribution this holiday season will go toward the National African American Reparations Commission’s 9th point, the creation and maintenance of Black Sacred Sites and Memorials. Only when we as a nation understand our history, can we make adequate amends for the harms that have been done. The Fund for Reparations Now is partnering with the Elaine Legacy Center, the under-publicized site of one of our nation’s worst race massacres, to refurbish and expand their historical offering, that people would know the truth of what occurred there in the Red Summer 1919, both the horrific loss and the historical legal victory on the part of attorney Scipio Africans Jones that ended the precedent of Blacks being indicted for their own massacres.
The image shown on this token sweatshirt is that of Lady Liberty’s torch, broken. The statue of Liberty’s original intent was to celebrate the emancipation of enslaved Africans. That history has been whitewashed along with the rest and this image gives the wearer a talking point to discuss that. We can have no reconciliation until we have truth. This gift is a gift to a nation, a gift to a people, and hopefully a gift to your loved one who wants to celebrate the holidays in a meaningful way.
Your contribution is tax deductible through the Institute for the Black World (NAARC/IBW21 501c3) and will be shipped to you by December 21, 2020. May 2020 be remembered as the year that we gained clarity and courage and moved forward as a nation with integrity!

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