No Flags is a creative project that blurs the lines between art, design and fashion, focusing on transcending the boundaries of collaboration.

No Flags highlights the individuals living outside of societal limits, from the graffiti writer to the freedom fighter, and celebrates the passion and bravery of those who choose to lead their own lives free of the imposing structures of authority that surround them. They live outside made-up structures, and are not governed by borders, laws, or any other forces exerted onto them that they do not agree to. They abide only by their own moral compass, with their choices and lifestyle representing complete freedom. They are the now. They are the future.

By creating a space and place for different creatives to come together and collaborate, the focus and intention of each project pushes past the standards and groups we have allowed ourselves to be lumped into. The jewelry designer can publish a book, the photographer can design a handbag and the performance artist can write an album. We have no limits and no boundaries and the gap between the different fields is quickly torn down and replaces by a new model. A model that embraces a creative life without limits.

Made up of individually designed pieces reflecting the collaboration of people across creative fields, No Flags seeks to allow everyone to be able to be a part of the project. No one creative form is privileged, and everything may be expressed, from fashion to art to food to music to performance to poetry. The wearer, participant, or reader transforms themselves into a part of the object or experience; into a piece of art, creating new storylines for the works.

The link between creative fields is old, and the conversation about the relevance of their connection is tired. In this way, this series is not one type of expression, but is instead complete freedom of expression. It is inspiration manifested into form. It is pure freedom. Freedom without rules, without shame, without borders, without flags. It is No Flags.

A portion of every sale goes towards a different charitable organization.

This is the first action-oriented line that connects each item and purchase with an issue and a way to contribute to an organization. It is the first of it’s kind to target the social implications of the strength behind purchasing power and highlight ethical consumption in this way. While other companies may focus on one charity or issue, No Flags connects each project with a specific organization. It introduces you to an idea or experience that you can explore, as well as a way that you can contribute or give back to it. It is a way to turn your clothing, jewelry, and reading material into social justice work and empower you to make a difference in your world in any and every way that you can.

No Flags was founded by artist Phil America in response to the divide between the art world and other creative fields. Having work within the arts and outside of it, doing everything from giving TED Talks to showing art within museums, he wanted to create something that bridges the gap between all different fields and institutions.