Unchained is a line of 3D printed wearable art pieces. They are functional yet symbolic expressions of freedom.

The line has a clean and minimal aesthetic. The line is comprised of handcuff keys and masked “jesus pieces”. They are available in plastic materials and a variety of metal materials including gold. The focus is on the ideological concept of freedom, and what would ensure the wearer to have freedom at all times. It is a series of tools to resist power and control, for those who view authority as invalid and questions whether these systems of domination are justified.

Focussing on using new and advanced technologies such as 3D printing and designed exclusively for No Flags, consumers can build a collection of meaningful wearable art that can be integrated into the highest status of wardrobes or worn as an everyday piece. The carefully curated line perfectly serves the fashion world in a way that delivers seamless designs which place significance on the meaning behind each piece. The carefully designed and delicately created Masked Jesus contains a hidden handcuff key inside, symbolizing everyone’s internal desire for freedom. The 3D printed pieces made of plastic are specially fabricated and designed so that they do not set off metal detectors. They are safe to travel and fly with, and can always be kept on your person.

A portion of all sales from “Unchained” goes to Pain of the Prison System, a non-profit organization that sponsors high school student clubs for those who have been impacted in some way by incarceration. They offer a safe haven and a channel for those seeking to heal from the pain of prison, jail, and deportation, providing them with a supportive space and encouraging their voices so that they may tell their stories and hear the stories of others.