Necklace: Masked Jesus


The Masked Jesus Piece takes the iconic image of the jesus piece necklace and reimagines it. The carefully created piece has had a mask obscure the face, and a secret handcuff key placed inside, resembling a locket. The 3D printed plastic pieces are made so that they do not set off metal detectors. A portion of all sales from “Unchained” goes to Pain of the Prison System, a non-profit organization that sponsors high school student clubs for those who have been impacted in some way by incarceration. Read more about the project Unchained Each piece is individually crafted and requires up to 2 weeks to produce. It will be shipped immediately after. Dimensions 6,35 x 3,2cm

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Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 mm

white, red, black

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